Echo Chamber

Brulle's claims have reverberated across the popular and scholarly media

Brulle’s calculation has reverberated in an echo chamber across the popular and scholarly media since it was made available online in 2013. Many of these stories twisted Brulle’s finding into an even more extreme claim, exemplified in this Guardian headline: “Conservative groups spend $1bn a year to fight action on climate change.”

That claim was false twice over. Brulle’s study measured income, not spending. And the study made no effort to isolate the amount the conspirators spent to engage climate science issues. Most of the diverse groups regularly engaged other policy debates (welfare, telecom regulation, agricultural policy, tax rates, etc.), and some groups barely conducted any advocacy.

Here is a partial set of media outlets, books, or academic journals that, directly or indirectly, continue to reference Brulle’s claim.

Publication Date Title Author
The Economist 3-23-2017 A philanthropic boom: "donor-advised funds" Staff
Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy 2-21-2017 Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy Whitehouse, Senator Sheldon
C-SPAN 2-21-2017 After Words with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Lipton, Eric (Show: After Words), interview with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
A Tapestry of Values: An Introduction to Values in Science. 2-1-2017 A Tapestry of Values: An Introduction to Values in Science Elliott, Kevin C.
Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right 1-19-2017 Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right Mayer, Jane
States News Service 1-13-2017 Senator "shocked" at outpouring of support from Pruitt from Koch front groups Whitehouse, Senator Sheldon
States News Service 1-5-2017 Time to wake up: climate road trips Whitehouse, Senator Sheldon
Analyzing Text and Discourse: Eight Approaches for the Social Sciences  2017 "Suggested Analyses." Boréus, Kristina, and Göran Bergström.
Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society  2017 "Public Understanding of Science and K-12 STEM Education Outcomes: Effects of Idaho Parents' Orientation Toward Science on Students' Attitudes Toward Science." Mihelich, John A., Dilshani Sarathchandra, Leontina Hormel, Debbie A. Storrs, and Michelle M. Wiest.
Climatic Change  2017 "Is it hot in here or is it just me? Temperature anomalies and political polarization over global warming in the American public." Bohr, Jeremiah.
Environmental Politics  2017 "Why does the United States lack a global warming policy? The corporate inner circle versus public interest sector elites." Hein, James Everett, and J. Craig Jenkins.
Environmental Sociology  2017 "Green tea: clean-energy conservatism as a countermovement." Hess, David J., and Kate Pride Brown.
The Guardian 12-27-2016 Facts matter, and on climate change, Trump's picks get them wrong Nuccitelli, Dana
The Guardian 12-12-2016 Trump's transition: skeptics guide every agency dealing with climate change Milman, Oliver
New Scientist 12-3-2016 Seeing reason Jones, Dan
DeSmog Blog 11-30-2016 Sheldon Whitehouse just delivered his 150th Senate speech on climate action Braun, Ashley 11-15-2016 Trump's attack dog on climate Vinik, Danny
Consuming Catastrophe: Mass Culture in America's Decade of Disaster. 11-1-2016 Consuming Catastrophe: Mass Culture in America's Decade of Disaster Recuber, Timothy
Targeted News Service 9-14-2016 Environmental groups pushback on Exxon-related subpoenas
Soziologie der Angst: Konzeptuelle Grundlagen, soziale Bedingungen und empirische Analysen. 9-9-2016 Soziologie der Angst: Konzeptuelle Grundlagen, soziale Bedingungen und empirische Analysen Dehne, Max.
Earth Talk (English Edition) 8-24-2016 Dear EarthTalk: when did scientists first discover that carbon dioxide levels were rising in the atmosphere due to human activity and that this could cause global warming? Vannewkirk, Gus
The Westerly Sun 8-17-2016 Whitehouse, colleagues expose web of climate denial Brulle, Robert, and Timmons Roberts
DeSmog Blog 7-30-2016 ALEC 2016 Indianapolis meeting features ExxonMobil and the #webofdenial Gibson, Connor
Huffington Post 7-19-2016 Web of denial groups protesting Democrat focus get $92m in funding Baxter, Cindy
DeSmog Blog 7-18-2016 Senators' strong #webofdenial speeches collected and annotated Mashey, John
Plus Media Solutions 7-15-2016 Washington: climate scientist group has one more chance to cut ties to anti-science ExxonMobile Lieu, Congressman Ted
Targeted News Service 7-15-2016 Senators call out web of denial blocking action on climate change Markey, Senator Ed
DeSmog Blog (cross posted from Climate Investigations Center) 7-14-2016 Front groups attacking #webofdenial Senate action took over $92M in dark, dirty money Baxter, Cindy
Columbia Journalism Review 7-12-2016 What phony op-eds about climate change have in common Whitehouse, Senator Sheldon
DeSmog Blog 7-12-2016 19 senators expose 'web of denial' blocking action on climate change DeMelle, Brenden
States News Service 7-12-2016 Sen. Franken blasts Heritage Foundation for climate change deception Franken, Senator Al
DeSmog Blog 7-8-2016 New disclosures show oil giant still funding climate science denial groups Readfearn, Graham
States News Service 7-6-2016 Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: time to wake up: the denial apparatus Whitehouse, Senator Sheldon
Drexel University (Press Release) 7-5-2016 Drexel's Robert J. Brulle receives highest honor in American environmental sociology Storz, Emily
VICE News 5-4-2016 The world's largest sovereign wealth fund says ExxonMobil and Chevron must do more about climate change O'Rourke, Clara
Quantitative finance and risk management: a physicist's approach. 3-28-2016 Quantitative finance and risk management: a physicist's approach (2nd Edition) Dash, Jan W.
NPR 1-19-2016 Hidden history' of Koch brothers traces their childhood and political rise Davies, Dave (Show: Fresh Air)
Amazônia Real 2016 Os céticos de clima no Brasil 1: colaboração da mídia. FEARNSIDE, P.
Applied Linguistics  2016 "Doing Well by Talking Good: A Topic Modelling-Assisted Discourse Study of Corporate Social Responsibility." Jaworska, Sylvia, and Anupam Nanda.
British Journal of Management  2016 "Constraining or Enabling Green Capability Development? How Policy Uncertainty Affects Organizational Responses to Flexible Environmental Regulations." Teeter, Preston, and Jörgen Sandberg.
Climate Change Responses  2016 "Trust, tribalism and tweets: has political polarization made science a "wedge issue"?." Helmuth, Brian, Tarik C. Gouhier, Steven Scyphers, and Jennifer Mocarski.
Current Directions in Psychological Science  2016 "Motivated rejection of science." Lewandowsky, Stephan, and Klaus Oberauer.
Energy Research & Social Science  2016 "Ideology, capitalism, and climate: Explaining public views about climate change in the United States." McCright, Aaron M., Sandra T. Marquart-Pyatt, Rachael L. Shwom, Steven R. Brechin, and Summer Allen.
Environmental Education Research 2016 "Development and validation of the anthropogenic climate change dissenter inventory." Bentley, Andrew PK, Heather L. Petcovic, and David P. Cassidy.
Environmental Health: From Global to Local  2016 "Climate Change and Human Health." Patz, Jonathan A., and Howard Frumkin.
Environmental Politics 2016 "Hurricanes and hegemony: A qualitative analysis of micro-level climate change denial discourses." Jacques, Peter J., and Claire Connolly Knox.
Environmental Politics  2016 "The 'climatism' cartel: why climate change deniers oppose market-based mitigation policy." Bohr, Jeremiah.
Environmental Sociology  2016 "Environmental evaporation: the invisibility of environmental concern in food system change." Kennedy, Emily Huddart.
Environmental Sociology  2016 "Losing the Arctic: the US corporate community, the national-security state, and climate change." Bonds, Eric.
Global Environmental Change  2016 "Text-mining the signals of climate change doubt." Boussalis, Constantine, and Travis G. Coan.
Global Environmental Change  2016 "A blind expert test of contrarian claims about climate data." Lewandowsky, Stephan, Timothy Ballard, Klaus Oberauer, and Rasmus Benestad.
Human Ecology Review  2016 "Upending Climate Violence Research: Fossil Fuel Corporations and the Structural Violence of Climate Change." Bonds, Eric.
In Communicating Climate Change, pp. 1-21. 2016 "The Communication Challenge of Our Century." Priest, Susanna.
In Communicating Climate-Change and Natural Hazard Risk and Cultivating Resilience, pp. 37-54. 2016 "Polluted Discourse: Communication and Myths in a Climate of Denial." Jacobs, Peter H., Ari Jokimäki, Ken Rice, Sarah A. Green, and Bärbel Winkler.
In The Palgrave Handbook of the International Political Economy of Energy, pp. 585-619. 2016 "Dispossession, Justice, and a Sustainable Energy Future." Nadesan, Majia, and Martin Pasqualetti.
In Under Pressure, pp. 1-24. 2016 "Under Pressure." Schneider, Jen, Steve Schwarze, Peter K. Bsumek, and Jennifer Peeples.
Journal of Social and Political Psychology  2016 "Science and the Public: Debate, Denial, and Skepticism." Lewandowsky, Stephan, Michael E. Mann, Nicholas JL Brown, and Harris Friedman.
Knowledge and Practice in Business and Organisations  2016 "12 Philanthropy." Jung, Tobias, and Jenny Harrow.
Labor  2016 "Empire, Nature, and the Labor of Coal: Colombia in the Twenty-First Century." Chomsky, Aviva.
Midwest Studies In Philosophy  2016 "Should We Tolerate Climate Change Denial?." McKinnon, Catriona.
Nature Climate Change  2016 "Network structure and influence of the climate change counter-movement." Farrell, Justin.
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new media & society  2016 "Quantifying the power and consequences of social media protest." Freelon, Deen, Charlton McIlwain, and Meredith Clark.
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2016 "Corporate funding and ideological polarization about climate change." Farrell, Justin.
Social Networks  2016 "Competition for foundation patronage and the differential effects of prestige on the grant market success of social movement organisations." Simpson, Cohen R.
Sociology Compass  2016 "Beyond Denialism: Think Tank Approaches to Climate Change." Bonds, Eric.
Sociology  2016 "Flood realities, perceptions and the depth of divisions on climate." Hamilton, Lawrence C., Cameron P. Wake, Joel Hartter, Thomas G. Safford, and Alli J. Puchlopek.
Synthese  2016 "The 'Alice in Wonderland' mechanics of the rejection of (climate) science: simulating coherence by conspiracism." Lewandowsky, Stephan, John Cook, and Elisabeth Lloyd.
Topics in cognitive science  2016 "The ethics of belief, cognition, and climate change pseudoskepticism: implications for public discourse." Torcello, Lawrence.
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change  2016 "Toward integrated historical climate research: the example of Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth." Allan, Rob, Georgina Endfield, Vinita Damodaran, George Adamson, Matthew Hannaford, Fiona Carroll, Neil Macdonald et al.
Bloomberg 11-30-2015 Unearthing America's deep network of climate change deniers Eric Roston
Environments, Natures and Social Theory: Towards a Critical Hybridity. 11-10-2015 Environments, Natures and Social Theory: Towards a Critical Hybridity White, Damian, Alan Rudy, and Brian Gareau.
The Lancet 11-7-2015 Health and climate: policy responses to protect public health Watts, Nick, et al.
Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 11-1-2015 The democratization of energy. Tomain, Joseph P.
The Guardian 10-30-2015 Indiegogo criticised for helping climate deniers crowdfund money; site rejects calls to take down Heartland Institute campaign raising funds to host a rival conference alongside the Paris climate summit in December Mathiesen, Karl
States News Service 10-29-2015 Blumenthal, colleagues to Exxon: are you still funding climate denial? Blumenthal, Senator Richard
States News Service 10-29-2015 Senators to Exxon: are you still funding climate denial? Whitehouse, Senator Sheldon
US Fed News 10-20-2015 Time to wake up: touched a nerve Whitehouse, Senator Sheldon
The Range News 10-15-2015 Take a stand Rourke, John
States News Service 9-24-2015 Debating the Pope: social scientists engages pope's call for climate change dialogue in top journal Drexel University
Climate Change, Capitalism, and Corporations. 9-23-2015 Climate Change, Capitalism, and Corporations Wright, Christopher, and Daniel Nyberg
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 9-1-2015 The three domains structure of energy-climate transitions Grubb, Michael, Jean-Charles Hourcade, Karsten Neuhoff
Disasters, Risks and Revelation: Making sense of our times. 8-10-2015 Disasters, Risks and Revelation: Making sense of our times Matthewman, Steve.
The Guardian 7-22-2015 Global warming deniers are an endangered species; there's a groundswell of support for climate action leading up to the 2015 Paris talks Nuccitelli, Dana
The Guardian 7-15-2015 ExxonMobil gave millions to climate-denying lawmakers despite pledge; under pressure from shareholders, company promised eight years ago to stop funding climate denial - but financial and tex records tell a different story Goldenberg, Suzanne
DDT Wars: Rescuing Our National Bird, Preventing Cancer, and Creating the Environmental Defense Fund. 7-1-2015 DDT Wars: Rescuing Our National Bird, Preventing Cancer, and Creating the Environmental Defense Fund Wurster, Charles F.
The Guardian 6-18-2015 Global humanitarian aid hits record high but needs remain unmet, finds study; conflict and contributions from Middle East propel humanitarian assistance to unprecedented levels, but UN coordinated appeals fall short by billions Chonghaile, Clár Ní
The Guardian 6-10-2015 Secretive donors gave US climate denail groups $125m over three years; funds allocated to organisations lobbying against Obama's climate bill and working to undermine rules to reduce carbon pollution, tax records show Goldenberg, Suzanne, and Helena Bengtsson
Washington Post Blog 5-30-2015 The fossil-fuel industry's campaign to mislead the American people; oil and coal interests have taken a page from Big Tobacco's playbook Whitehouse, Senator Sheldon
Digital leisure, the internet and popular culture: Communities and identities in a digital age. 5-28-2015 Digital leisure, the internet and popular culture: Communities and identities in a digital age Spracklen, Karl
National Catholic Reporter 5-22-2015 Climate; Letters to the editor Stegman, Mary Ruth, and Joseph Fortier
Targeted News Service 5-18-2015 Sen. Whitehouse devliers 100th weekly climate speech Whitehouse, Senator Sheldon
Todo lo que necesitás saber sobre el cambio climático. 5-13-2015 Todo lo que necesitás saber sobre el cambio climático de Ambrosio, Martín.
States News Service 5-6-2015 Whitehouse compares climate denial to civil racketeering perpetrated by tobacco industry Whitehouse, Senator Sheldon
Disorder and the Disinformation Society: The Social Dynamics of Information, Networks and Software. 4-20-2015 Disorder and the Disinformation Society: The Social Dynamics of Information, Networks and Software Marshall, Jonathan Paul, James Goodman, Didar Zowghi, and Francesca da Rimini.
Eugene Weekly 4-16-2015 Global weirding Mortensen, Camilla
Sherbrooke Record 4-13-2015 Oiling the machinery of climate change denial and transit opposition Suzuki, David
Washington Post Blog 4-13-2015 Wealthy donors on left launch new plan to wrest back control in the states; Democracy Alliance urges its member to pump tens of millions into efforts to reverse GOP gains Gold, Matea
Chicago Sun-Times 4-7-2015 Robert Reich: When big money sways nonprofits, public loses Reich, Robert
International New York Times 3-25-2015 Musuems are urged to cut ties with Kochs; environmental groups say donations tainted by brothers' views on climate Schwartz, John
The Guardian 3-25-2015 Fossil fuel firms are still bankrolling climate denial lobby groups; BP has withdrawn support to Alex, a group known for misrepresenting climate science, but appearances can be deceptive. Oil, gas and coal companies remain firmly behind disinformation cam Frumhoff, Peter C., and Naomi Oreskes
News & Record 3-7-2015 Science and politics Editorial Staff
ABC Transcripts (Broadcast) 3-6-2015 The end of meat? Thompson, Kirilly (Show: Science Show)
VICE News 3-6-2015 Meet the 'Merchants of Doubt' who sow confusion about tobacco smoke and climate change Dattaro, Laura
The Guardian 3-2-2015 Fossil fuel industry caught taking a page out of the tobacco playbook; fossil fuel funded Willie Soon is just a pawn in the game of delaying climate action Nuccitelli, Dana
Targeted News Service 2-25-2015 Markey, Boxer, Whitehouse query fossil fuel companies, climate denial organizations on science funding Markey, Senator Ed
The Guardian 2-23-2015 Work of prominent climate change denier was funded by energy industry Goldenberg, Suzanne
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States News Service 9-29-2014 More misrepresentations of climate science in legal briefs criticizing Michael Mann Union of Concerned Scientists
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